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Tanjore flashes the full diversity and vibrancy of contemporary Indian cuisine, skillfully translating the ancient traditions of South West India into impeccably presented, multi-sensory dishes that uphold Tanjore’s fine reputation.

About Us

Modern Indian Cuisine

Modern Indian


The Concept

From Tarcarri in Hindu Culture to kari in Tamil, Indians most prized Possession

Tanjore has new adoptions made to curries over dispersed geographies of India are in sync with traditions and peculiarities of local regions, unfolding the myths of the world’s oldest and varied culinary traditions. Indian Cuisine offers some of the most diverse and rich dishes in the world. Due to diverse culture and climate in the country, each region offers a wide range of dishes which are often native to that area.

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The Perfect Decor

The Perfect




Our world class chef prepares authentic dishes that are rich with traditional ingredients and flavors of regional offering, enhanced by the modern flare of plating and elegant styling. Old World Indian artistry and modern elegance with natural elements throughout the space, antique wood carvings and vibrant colors for an unique Boca dining experience.


Wine & Bar

Wine &



Wine Program

“The wine program at Tanjore is a thoughtful selection with a global approach”From the major region and notable producers to the lesser known and up and coming areas, two essential factors define our wine list; Equilibrium within the selection in order to please every palate but most important harmony with our cuisine “Imbibe well”

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