Indian Cuisine Restaurant | Boca Raton, Florida | Tanjore USA
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Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken, saffron, carraway seeds, cloves, mace, mozaarella,mango mint chutney

Tandoori Chicken

Whole chicken on the bone, marinated in jalapeño, Garam masala, hung yogurt, fenugreek leaves, cooked in the Tandoor until perfect


Cooked with spinach puree and fresh ginger with your choice of: Chickpeas, potatoes, or paneer.

Tanjore flashes the full diversity and vibrancy of contemporary Indian cuisine, skillfully translating the ancient traditions of South West India into impeccably presented, multi-sensory dishes that uphold Tanjore’s fine reputation.

The Return of the Mighty Pompano!

Instead, a rather lucrative proposition for the extremely aromatic and versatile fish.

The fish is arguably a tasty delight among chefs and diners which is partly due to its clean firm taste and nutrient-rich fat content without the oiliness of a bonito or mackerel. Believing in our local community, we receive our fish from Pop’s. Pop’s Fish Market has been serving South Florida since 1957! Continuing the family tradition from the original owners John and Sandra Adeimy, Pop’s Fish Market, invest in their own personal fisherman and divers that only fish and dive for them specifically, while their Northern Fish are delivered to them at least three times a week!

The Branzino, a delectable sea bass, also known as European seabass, Mediterranean seabass, or Loup de Mer.

By whatever name you call it, it is a delicious, flakey, single-serving whole fish that can be grilled up in just a few minutes. Wild branzino is hard to come by, but in recent years branzino has become the most widely farmed fish in Europe, with Italy, Spain, Croatia, Turkey, Greece and Egypt actively farming this nice little fish. The Monterrey Aquarium Seafood Watch rates Branzino as “Best Choice.” As one of the only Indian restaurants offering a wide selection in our fish, we receive our fish from Pops Fish Market. “Fresh Daily” is part of continuing the tradition at Pops Fish Market with in-house fishermen that fish exclusively for Pops every day, as well as, Northern fishing trucks coming three times a week. We believe in offering our guests nothing but the best and believe in supporting our local community.